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Everything you need (nothing you don’t)

Here’s a sampling of some of our most popular services. We’ll work with you to put together exactly what you need.

Staff onboarding & offboarding

Give us the name and start date of your new employee, and we’ll take care of the rest. We know a new employee's first day is important, so we’ll be there onsite to take care of their IT on-boarding in person.

Laptop purchasing, setup, and asset management

We’ll setup your direct purchasing accounts for maximized hardware discounts and automatic computer setup using DEP and MDM. Ever seen a laptop auto-setup right out of the box, hands-free? Let us show you the magic.

Full network support

Wireless, firewall, security testing, and maintenance - with many services in the cloud, Foxcove will make sure you have a solid network foundation. Cloud-powered networks allow our engineering team to make changes from anywhere, instantly.

IT roadmap development: short and long-term goals

We believe IT support is an on-going conversation. Tell us where your business is going and we will ensure your IT growth is in full alignment.

Video conference room setup

Having a dedicated video conferencing room no longer costs a fortune, we’ll advise on the optimal marriage between hardware & software for your needs.

Cloud app service support

Everything is now in the cloud, including your software and users. Foxcove will manage your cloud app servies and make sure they scale with your growth. Don’t pay for accounts or services you no longer need.

SSO (Single Sign On)

We’ll design, implement and support SSO to make sure that your company and users are secure. Foxcove will train your staff so they know how to navigate their cloud services while only needing to remember a single login and password.

CIO Services

Our CIO Advisory Services provide your C-Suite with an IT Executive at a fraction of the cost. Assess your current technology, digitize your business, prepare for M&A, and get prescriptive roadmaps fused to your business strategy.

Full security audits of technology & physical elements

Looking for an audit to see where you fit with today’s best practices? Foxcove will perform the audit, then help you get to where you need to be.

VOIP phone solutions and maintenance

Looking to move you phone service to the cloud but not sure who to go with? Foxcove will recommend the best VOIP Provider to fit your budget and phone use. We’ll even setup the new phone system and train your staff.

Foxcove Assist

Already have an internal IT team but need an extra set of hands to help finish a project? We can be the team that helps you complete the task while your team focuses on what they’re best at. Office moves, setting up new workstations, to architectural design for big cloud-migration project - we’ll fill in the gaps where your team needs the extra help and knowledge.

What do our clients say about us?

Jenn Harrison

Office manager

As Freenome has grown over the last few years, Foxcove's IT team helped us move into two new office spaces. Foxcove identified the process and prioritized the steps needed for moving, installed and tested the wifi and AV equipment, and set up user workstations, in order to successfully have the office ready for use on time.

In addition, Foxcove continuously provides exceptional onsite and remote support for our users, which includes audio/visual testing and troubleshooting, monitoring lab equipment, onboarding/offboarding employees, and implementing and maintaining our MDM solution.

A tailor-made tech stack.

Foxcove thrives when taking ownership of common IT issues which commonly occur in startups and small businesses. No two businesses are alike, and that’s why we’re never locked in to one platform or solution. We’re not loyal to Macs or PCs. We’re loyal to you.

Reach out and we can find just the set of tools that suit your business best.

And our support method is simple.

We visit your office

A weekly visit from our engineers will be scheduled to your workplace where they can ensure that everything’s working well, or however often is needed for your team size.

We're always on

We also utilize a Slack IT support channel between your staff and our engineers, alongside text messaging, phone support, remote screen-sharing, and trusty ol’ email.

Let’s get started.